I was born as the 4,574,331,849th person on Earth. And You?

On 26th October BBC announced the launch of a new application – 7 billion people and you: What’s your number? given that the human population was expected to touch in the coming days. Through its graphs and figures, which specifies the number of people around the world, it provides adequate information that hopefully makes us reflect upon it.

This interactive application provides information based on our date of birth, country of residence and gender, and in four simple steps gives us incredible data on where we stand globally. The application shows how many people existed at the time of our birth and what is expected life span in the country we currently live or we originally come from. There are also other interesting figures about the total population in a given country, its average yearly growth in population showing us at the same time how many people are born, died or migrated to each country, every hour.

Now it is your turn to check what is your number. Curious? Check here.

More figures can be got by completing the application on the United Nations website.

Source: BBC, 7billionandme.org


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