Little War with Myself ;)

Angels, if they just exist,
hide in their metal bunkers.
They tear the letters right on sight,
They want me today, they want to see me tomorrow!

Some of my buddies are already there,
They say the cross burns their lips,
They were thought not to be afraid,
Only that something doesn’t let them sleep…

“Carry on!” – a command in my blood,
Little war to have in yourself,
And with all of you to fight to the last breath!
And without words…

I can knock you to the ground,
my enemy who twist your lips,
Don’t be sorry, just get up,
You’ll never look into the mirror again!

People exist to live and dance,
People exist to be able to fight,
People exist, but they will never become better ones!
People exist…

That’s the way they exist…
You were paid for your pain,
For the gulp of champagne,
You are mine from this moment,

Don’t turn away!
Look into my eyes, look!!!

Source: Mala Wojna by Lady Pank

Translated by KEBS © 2012

Thank you N. for bringing this song back to me!


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