There were is freedom

Polish Himalaysts Adam Bielecki and Janusz Gołąb made the first winter ascent of the summit Gasherbrum I (8068m) on 9th March 2012 without oxygen. It happened under even more difficult conditions than in case of Makalu which was organised by almost the same Polish team, again under the programme “Polish Winter Himalayan Mountaineering 2010-2015″. The video below shows how dangerous and though this expedition was, although at the time they reached the peak it was very sunny in the Himalayas. But as we can see only for a limited time.

To understand the dangerous of the nature, it is enough to mention that another international expedition which was a couple hours behind Polish one, is currently missing. The team, comprising of Gerfried Goschl from Austria, Cedric Hahlen from Switzerland, and porter Nizar Hussain from Pakistan, were last reported to be seen by Bielecki and Gołąb a few hundred metres away from the summit. The weather in the Himalayas is continuing to be very bad, delaying any air or ground rescue missions.



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