London Bridge is Falling Down

Life is a bridge. Cross over it, but build no house on it.

Crossing London Bridge its significance never occurred to me. A bridge like any other, in fact one of the most ordinary bridges in London.  It cannot compete with Tower Bridge which can be well seen from London Bridge.

Even though I have heard a nursery rhyme about London Bridge Falling I still did not understand why it could be an important Bridge, any more than connecting two sides of the river banks.

Till today… while walking alongside the south bank I found an inscription. It seems that Old London Bridge (which was located just next to the current location of London Bridge) was built by the Romans in AD 55 and it was the only bridge in London till 1790. Its history seems to be extraordinary. See below:

And moreover, there is going to be London Bridge Museum open below the bridge itself.

Photos: Taken in London by Ateneit. All rights reserved 2013


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