The Best of Tomasz Bagiński

Although I am not the football fun, this work of Tomasz Bagiński is my current number one. So many allegories, precise movements, great music that I cannot imagine Euro 2012 being promoted in any other way. To conclude: a masterpiece among event advertisements.

On the other this promotional spot on Polish presidency in the EU is the most controversial. The animation is as usual amazing; however, can you easily read the EU and Polish symbols?

Nevertheless, through another of his piece of art you can learn Polish history in 8:32 minutes.

Not very well known to wider auditorium the musical animation project “Seven gates of Jerusalem” in  celebration of the 75th Krzysztof Penderecki’s birthday in November 2008.

And finally the best one ever made- The Cathedral, which was nominated in 2003 to the Oscars  in the short animation film category, opening his great career.

The power of his animations lies in my opinion in various topics and visions, excellent execution of drawings and motion as well as background music which gives life to all his work.

Source: YouTube


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